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About Digital Art / Student Ashley Evans26/Female/United States Groups :icontip-it-artists: Tip-It-Artists
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  • Listening to: Someone next to me playing guitar
  • Reading: Pirate Latitudes (sort of)
  • Watching: 300
Journal CSS

I have finally gotten a new journal layout!  The CSS coding was done by kuschelirmel-stock and the images were done by me.  One day I will get off my lazy bum and code my own journal, but for now I will settle for this.


Do you have those select few movies that you never seem to tire of, no matter how many times you watch them?  Why are they your favourite?  What draws you back to them each time?  I have always been someone who can watch the same movies over and over again.  Normally, after a dozen watches I will get a bit bored of the film and take a break from it for a few weeks.  But there are a handful of movies that I could literally watch every single day.  In alphabetical order:

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Pride & Prejudice
The Ugly Truth
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

What are your all-time favourite movies?  The ones that you are always in the mood to watch?

Avatar W.I.P.

I have started working on a piece of fan art for Avatar.  I thought I'd upload the WIP to my deviantART scraps.  I'm hoping to have it finished by Sunday!
Avatar Fan Art WIP by NoseGraze

Digital Art Challenge

Over a year ago, I found this challenge on deviantART and told myself that I was going to complete it for photography and… I didn't get very far.  Maybe 2010 will be a better year!  However, this time, I am not going to limit myself to one medium.  I narrowed the list of 100 items down to 63 and I will hopefully make my way all the way through it by 2011, using a combination of digital art, traditional art, photography, leather crafting and anything else that I can think of!  Let's see if I can actually stick to this!

Finally, here is the list!

:bulletred: 1. Love
:bulletred: 2. Light
:bulletred: 3. Dark
:bulletred: 4. Seeking Solace
:bulletred: 5. Break Away
:bulletred: 6. Heaven
:bulletred: 7. Innocence
:bulletred: 8. Drive
:bulletred: 9. Breathe Again
:bulletred: 10. Memory
:bulletred: 11. Insanity
:bulletred: 12. Misfortune
:bulletred: 13. Smile
:bulletred: 14. Silence
:bulletred: 15. Questioning
:bulletred: 16. Rainbow
:bulletred: 17. Mother Nature
:bulletred: 18. No Time
:bulletred: 19. Tears
:bulletred: 20. Foreign
:bulletred: 21. Under the Rain
:bulletred: 22. Night
:bulletred: 23. Expectations
:bulletred: 24. Missing
:bulletred: 25. Hold My Hand
:bulletred: 26. Precious Treasure
:bulletred: 27. Eyes
:bulletred: 28. Dreams
:bulletred: 29. Standing Still
:bulletred: 30. Dying
:bulletred: 31. Two Roads
:bulletred: 32. Illusion
:bulletred: 33. Family
:bulletred: 34. Creation
:bulletred: 35. Childhood
:bulletgreen: 36. Breaking the Rules - (not on dA)
:bulletred: 37. Deep in Thought
:bulletred: 38. Keeping a Secret
:bulletred: 39. Waiting
:bulletgreen: 40. Danger Ahead -…
:bulletred: 41. Sacrifice
:bulletgreen: 42. No Way Out -…
:bulletred: 43. Fairy Tale
:bulletred: 44. Magic
:bulletred: 45. Multitasking
:bulletred: 46. Traps
:bulletgreen: 47. Playing the Melody -…
:bulletgreen: 48. Hero -…
:bulletred: 49. Obsession
:bulletred: 50. Mischief Managed
:bulletred: 51. Mirror
:bulletred: 52. Words
:bulletred: 53. Pen and Paper
:bulletred: 54. Heal
:bulletred: 55. Out Cold
:bulletred: 56. Spiral
:bulletred: 57. Seeing Red
:bulletgreen: 58. Through the Fire -…
:bulletred: 59. Drowning
:bulletred: 60. Last Hope
:bulletred: 61. In the Storm
:bulletred: 62. Puzzle
:bulletred: 63. Relaxation


Ashley Evans
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My name is Ashley and I'm a 20 year old female from California.

I'm an avid reader and casual artist/doodler. Very few things are more exciting than reading an amazing new book :P While I have always been interested in photography, it wasn't until this year that I decided to take it more seriously and buy a DSLR camera.

I have a strong passion for animals, both wild and domestic. I currently own an Applehead Siamese/Shorthair Domestic mix cat, but once I move out I plan on getting a couple dogs as well ;)

My lifetime goal is to write a science fiction/fantasy book.


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